Consulting Services

Geneva Consulting Group provides cost-effective, quality consultants. We carefully match each candidate to each job with targeted recruitment, in-depth personal interviews, and comprehensive reference checking. All employees, subcontractors and independent contractors are evaluated with the same care and precision. As a result, we have achieved an extremely low turnover rate for our placements and a prestigious list of repeat clientele.

Full-Time Services

At Geneva, we recognize that our ability to provide top-level service depends upon a thorough familiarity with our client's needs and expectations. We also understand that, given the fast-paced environment of the marketplace, these are rarely constants, and that consistently meeting them requires diligent communication and attention to detail.

Because time is always of the essence, our goal is to effect the rapid translation of these shifting criteria into accurate, viable placements. We achieve this by effectively communicating the client's appeal and vision to well-matched, highly skilled and accomplished prospective candidates. These candidates are drawn from large, actively maintained and cultivated pools of top professionals, enabling us to present only those candidates who are perfectly suited to that vision - and to eliminate much of the cost associated with fruitless interviews.