Geneva Consulting Group consistently provides candidates who exceed the expectations of our clients. We are able to deliver such results, in large part, because of the intensive screening process we have developed.

Precision placements involve far more than the common practice of simply having the applicant submit a resume and fill out a job application form. By filtering out all but the most promising candidates and tracking candidates with our state-of-the-art data technology, we are able to begin our selection process well ahead of the pack, choosing our candidates from a pool of the most highly skilled consultants available.

Applicants are subjected to extensive preliminary interview sessions during which professional and personal references and other background information is compiled. Criminal background checks and drug screening tests are also performed for each candidate if requested by client. In addition, for non-U.S. citizen job candidates, verification of ability to work in the United States is obtained and verified. Finally, this information is broken down by experienced recruiters and further scrutinized by our marketing staff.

We believe it to be indispensably necessary to ensure that any potential problems with a candidate are exposed before they become our client's problems. Many clients learn too late that even the most qualified candidates may make undesirable employees. The rigors of this process ensure that Geneva's candidates are among the most thoroughly vetted in the industry, keeping your turnover rates low and eliminating the costs associated with mass interviewing.